Converting to Natural Eco-Friendly Products for the Safety of My Family

Natural Eco-friendly cleaning products

As a mother of toddlers, it has been weighing heavily on my mind if the cleaners and products I am using in my home are safe, healthy, and the best option. I am a quite health conscious individual, but still, I found myself stuck in a place of wanting to do better. I felt the need to try natural eco-friendly products.

I found natural eco-friendly products.

By my luck, I met June. June is an independent consultant who specializes in introducing healthier, natural, more eco-friendly products to individuals. She introduced me to an online health and wellness company that manufactures hundreds of products.  After a short consultation with her, I decided to try it.

She sent me my own direct personalized link, I opened a membership (with no joining fee) and selected a few products I was curious about.

Which Products Did I Try?

For me personally, I wanted to switch my cleaning products, so I wanted to start by trying those, first and foremost. And, naturally being a foodie, I wanted to try some food products. Everything is made with no preservatives, harsh chemicals, nor artificial ingredients. The goal is to remove the toxins and only bring in healthy ingredients into all that you bring into your home.

Ecosense – Bathroom Cleaner set: Tub & Tile, Safe & Mighty Toilet Cleaner, No Work Daily Shower Cleaner

This package was fantastic, it took the guess work out of choosing which items to purchase, and had everything I needed for the bathroom. My biggest concern with cleaning the bathroom to date has been the harsh smell. I previously would need to make sure my kids steered clear until all fumes of the cleaners would dissipate. However, this it the first time I didn’t have to worry. The products not only cleaned great but also smelled great, fragranced with essential oils.natural eco-friendly cleaning products

Ecosense – Clear Power Glass Cleaner

This glass cleaner worked like a charm. It is colourless and easily diluted with water. One spray and wipe and the glass was extremely clean and shining. No streaks, no smell, and best is the fact I used it on our glass dining table where my kids ate, so I have no fear of finally cleaning that table well and allowing my kids to eat on it.

Ecosense – MelaPower Laundry Detergent

I have to admit, I was skeptical of the cleaning power of a detergent without traditionally used ingredients. With the kids clothing, I have always used milder solutions, but with my husband’s work and gym clothes, I don’t. I tried MelaPower with even his jackets, not only did the stains and grime get removed, but the smell was fresh and breezy. I’m ordering a larger bottle because I’m no longer buying separate detergents for kids and us, we are only using this one now.

Simply Fit – Chocolate Drizzle Granola Bars

These bars and yummy. They are also natural, whole grains and organic. Being a nutrition nut, I had to make sure a snack packs a punch, and that it does. With 5g of protein and 5g of dietary fibre and no artificial sweeteners, I was comfortable allowing my kids to have it. They loved it too!

Mountain Cabin – Organic RainForest Coffee

Becoming a coffee drinker is fairly new to me. I still do not like it too strong, but like many moms, I do need the caffeine. This coffee was aromatic, not too bold, but the best part was knowing it was organic, antioxidant rich, and coming from fairly treated areas of the tropics, where farmer and workers were paid fair wage.natural eco-friendly coffee

The online shopping experience was a synch.

The shopping experience was easy. Once provided with my shopping membership, I could go in and create my account, where I was able to select products with ease, even using my mobile. Each product is neatly categorized in departments, so it is easy to browse and find what you need. The prices were really really good…given the fact that the liquid cleaners are all concentrated, you are getting 6 times the value (since you can mix with water to dilute and make the product last longer).

I’ve made the switch.

I was happy with all the cleaning products, as well as the other items I have tried. The results were good, I felt overall extremely happy that I wasn’t polluting my home with harsh chemicals, and my babies were not ingesting or breathing it in. I have already placed my next order and looking to try other things such as the all-purpose cleaner, the shampoos and conditioners and more of the snack food products. So far so good with me.

Want to make the switch or try?

I highly recommend you give it a go. With all the toxins that invade our environment and bodies, making the switch to natural eco-friendly products is a weight off your shoulders.  If you are curious about the Health and Wellness Company, the various products it offers and how to start shopping, please connect with June Thomson.

You can find June here:

Mobile/Text: 778.320.4714
*While this is a sponsored post, as always all opinions and thoughts are my own.

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