Decluttering Your Space – Let’s Do It!


It seems like a daunting word. Something you put off until tomorrow, until you just can’t put it off no more.

The kitchen needs re-organizing, the clothes in the closet are piling though you wear none of it, and you have no idea where the scissors are. Yes mama, it’s time to declutter your space.

Don’t worry, we are here to try and make it a little less daunting and more actionable.

Let’s take decluttering in steps.

1. Make a list of the rooms in your home that need action

Identify your to do list. Don’t take on the world, after all, “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” Write down each room, and area that needs the work, and then prioritize to tackle one at a time. Doing so will allow you to create a plan of action per area vs. the house as a whole.

2. Take one room at a time and give yourself ample time.

It’s just not realistic to get everything done in a hour. Per task in room, dedicate a few hours. Dedicate one day per room (some larger areas may need more). Doing so allows you to really focus.

3. Divide that room up into zones.

For each room, take it in sections. So if you are in your bedroom the zones may be: closet, dresser, bed area and under the bed; for the office it may be: desk, filing cabinet, shelves; you get the idea. Each zone is basically a task on its own. Compartmentalizing makes tackling things a lot easier to start the process.

4. Take things out of that zone and sort into bins or boxes.

Sort. Sort. Sort. The easiest way is just to clear that zone, and then put into piles or bins.

5. Be Prepared to Get Rid of Things.

Have a garbage bin for items you want to throw out, as well as move items you do not need to keep in this room. Take out the trash, donated items – actually do this. Do not leave for later, this is part of the decluttering/zone cleaning process. Remove the items you do not need.

6. Sort like things together.

Of the things you are keeping, start sorting the similar items together. So all the linens, all the hair supplies, all the mail/stamps, and so forth. Keeping like things together is easier to organize for the later steps.

7. Label boxes and bins.

Things that get boxed, or placed into bins for storage n
eed to be labeled. This is to avoid rummaging at a later time and making a mess. Labels also make things more organized and sightly.

8. Once all items are sorted, decide what you will place and where.

The items that do not need to be in that room, move out. The items that do need to be in there, make decisions on where they will be kept. Now that you have all your things, you can make a plan of where to keep them for easy access.

9. Think about storage cupboards and filing systems.

Step 8 may result in you realizing you may need to invest in storage furniture. Always get this AFTER the clean-up and not before to avoid unnecessary items. Whether it’s actual furniture or a simple filer, there are a lot of great options at places like Wayfair, Ikea, for cheap.

10. Upkeep.

Finally you are done. Now to avoid getting back there, ensure you upkeep by always putting things back where they go. You have gone through a lot of trouble to organize…keep it up!


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