Easy Holiday Hairstyle for the Busy Mama

You know what isn’t easy? Looking gorgeous at Christmas when you have an entire to family to organize, dress and get out the door! Fear not mama, I have the solution. I’ve been using this handy trick for the past few months after Carrie at Loxx the Hair Salon in St. Albert taught me. It’s quick, easy and makes any mid to long length hair look fabulous in minutes!

Start with dry hair. Mine is usually flat and dull if I haven’t styled it.


Gather your hair into a pony tail, the higher the pony the better. Secure with a hair tie, but not too tight.


Using a large barrel curling iron, roll the entire pony tail to make one big curl.


Remove the curling iron and gently hold the pony tail curl until it cools.


Carefully remove the elastic, voila!


Give hair a little tousle and spray with hairspray, don’t touch it after you spray!


Enjoy the party, mama!



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