Enjoy Summer with these Adult-Only Popsicle Recipes

Summer time is such a busy time for families and us moms are running around keeping track of: Summer Camps, childcare so we can work, Summer BBQ’s, fun family activities and maybe even a vacation or camping. Summer time is a lot of work for all of us parents and that means that we deserve some extra special treats just like our kids.

During Summer we love to keep freezies stocked in our freezer as a simple cool off treat whenever it’s needed. Sadly, as an adult, the once enjoyable flavors have seemed to lose their magic that they once did when we were kids. Us adults need a popsicle upgrade which is why we put together this foolproof and delicious list of:

Adult-Only Popsicle Recipes

Craving a little coconut during these hot summer days? This amazing Boozy Coconut Margarita Popsicle by Rebecca Coleman is an amazing treat for any mom looking to cool off and dream of far off tropical islands. Where the coconuts hang from all the trees and the tequila flows freely. Mixing great Tequila with coconut milk can help any parent hear the call of an ocean breeze from wherever they may be.

Popsicle Recipes

Photo by Rebecca Coleman [SOURCE]

Watermelon lovers we have the ultimate hot thirsty Thursday drink perfect for watching your little ones splash in the kiddie pool. These Costa Rican Watermelon Mojito Popsicles by Boulder Locavore are to die for. They are easy to make, they freeze great and they will definitely WOW anyone you’ve invited over. If you are even willing to share of course.

Cookies and Cream has always been a winning combination for both young and old which makes these Spiked Cookies and Cream Pudding Pops by Yes to Yolks perfect! You can easily create a batch of these virgin style and spiked so that no one feels left out at dessert. These foolproof Popsicles are the best idea when you really need a drink and some chocolate at the same time on a hot day. Nothing better than putting your feet up on the deck during sunset chewing on one of these beauties!

Popsicle Recipes

Photo by: No Spoon Necessary [SOURCE]

If Gin is your thing then you need to have one of these Raspberry Gin Fizz Popsicles, by No Spoon Necessary, in your life. These are beyond good and the added surprise of a little fizz really makes them that much more fun. These are simple, crisp and great during any heat wave.

Having that little boozy pick me up at the end of the day could be exactly what the doctor ordered after a month of Summer break. All these recipes can be very easily adapted to be booze-free for more interested in grown up Popsicles and less spiked options.

We hope these proven delicious and workable popsicle recipes will be just what you needed to get through this Summer break smiling and cool.  

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