Essential Series: Wills, Guardianship, and Money Talks


– Can I afford to go back to work part-time, or be a stay at home mom for an extra year?

– How do I budget for maternity leave?

– If something happens to me, who will take care of my children?

– If something happens to me, will my spouse have the power to take care of our affairs?

Answering these questions is not my idea of fun, but it’s important and necessary for my peace of mind. And that’s what next Friday’s Essentials Series is about -giving you all the information available to comfortably take action on these important but challenging issues.

Things I didn’t know before I got my affairs in order (based on my very basic understanding of things):
– My husband and I have almost everything in joint accounts. But if something happened to one of use and we didn’t have Power of Attorney for each other, we’d run into challenges
– If you don’t have a will outlining your choice for guardian of your child if something happens to you, the law is not necessarily going to give guardianship to the people you think they should.

We have two amazing speakers for this Essential Series. First, we’ll hear from Money Coach Melanie Buffel, who will do an introductory talk on money management for new moms. Topics may include what to think about when opening an RESP, budget ideas while on mat leave, and how to know if you can take extra time off to raise your little one.

Then, Jacqueline Flett, principal at Flett Law will give you all the basics on everything you need to set-up a proper estate plan. She’ll go over what’s in a basic will, plus the ins/outs of appointing a guardian for your children. Having a will & guardianship plan is so important for all parents – Jacqueline knows how to give you the details without all that confusing legal-ese.

All attendees to this Essential Series will receive a complimentary 30-minute consultation from Melanie Buffel, which involves a review of your current financial situation.

PLUS, Jacqueline Flett has generously offered up an amazing giveaway for this event – a complimentary estate planning package, which can include a will, power of attorney, and representation agreement. This package typically costs around $1000, so this is a truly generous door prize for you modern mamas!

I look forward to re-learning this information with you all. This is the kind of topic where I learn something new every time.

And to balance all this serious business, we’ll have a light breakfast, time to chat, and some free samples from Maple Organics.

Modern Mama Essential Series – Wills, Guardianship & Money Talks
Friday, May 25th, 10am-12pm
Cactus Club Restaurant, private room at the back
1530 W. Broadway (@ Granville)
$20 perks card members | $25 non-members | Childcare $10

Park underground at either Chapters or Vancouver School Board
Stroller entrance at backdoor/glass veranda

Get more details and register

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