WeeRide & Strider Bike Family Ride!

Bike Image #2I’m a decent bike-rider, but I’ve always been a bit nervous to give it a shot with my baby and/or toddler in tow. I’ve never liked the idea having  a child out of sight in a seat attached behind me or in a trailer. We recently acquired a WeeRide Kangaroo seat to attach to my bike (picture right), and it turns out Rachel loves it! She giggles and sings as we ride down the street, and I’m comfortable because she’s always in my sight.

Bike Image #1Then there’s my 3-year old firecracker. Her dad bought her a Strider Bike when she was just over a year old, and I was initially skeptical of this pedal-free ride. For about six months Lilah was fairly disinterested in it, mostly just pushing it around the living room for a minute at a time and then getting bored. I was sure we should just get her a tricycle or a normal bike with training wheels. But she gradually got the hang of it, and before I knew it she was whizzing up and down the sidewalk (with a HUGE smile on her face). The theory seems to be that kids who learn to balance pedal-free with the Strider Bike often get a head start on riding a normal bike without training wheels. I didn’t believe it initially, but I’m officially a Strider Bike convert!

Strider Bike Photo (sand)The WeeRide Kangaroo seat and Strider Bike have provided our family with a way to get outside together and explore the North Shore with a mode of transportation other than our double-stroller. The girls are more engaged and it’s especially fun to watch Lilah gain more confidence on her bike. Highly recommended biking gear for families with young kids who want to get outside together this summer!


Below is a short video clip of Lilah zipping around on her Strider Bike (our first attempt at posting a video on this website!). And yes, the sound in the background is Rachel giggling 🙂

Cheers! – Angela

Note: On the North Shore, the WeeRide Kangaroo seat seems to be carried by Canadian Tire ($89), and the Strider Bike is carried by 3Ride and Balance Bikes North Shore ($99 and $125).




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    Great article! We love our Striders too!
    A little update, 3Ride no longer carries Striders. North Shore Balance Bikes, 604-803-1910, is the only location on the North Shore that carries Strider bikes. We are located at 17th and Grand Boulevard.

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