Family Car Review: 2018 GMC Terrain

I had the opportunity to drive the 2018 GMC Terrain recently on a GMC trip to Lac Beauport, Quebec. (Trip, expenses and all activities covered by GMC. All opinions are my own.)

It is the newest redesign in the GMC SUV lineup, and it is a beautiful compact 5-seater SUV ready for any adventure your family can possibly throw at it.

It has plenty of space and versatility, with plenty of models and trim-levels to please every family and budget, starting at $30,195.


This vehicle is perfect for anyone, all the way up to families of four. There is plenty of space for adventure and yet is agile enough for city driving and a comfortable commute.

It’s fun to drive and easy to pack.

On our drive day, we played a ‘packing challenge’ game where we were timed to see how fast we could pack up camping gear including a kayak!

The passenger seat folds down all the way to allow for long objects to fit inside safely.

You see that kayak in there? Yes, it’s a kayak! It took my team just under three minutes to pack everything in there!


Both the interior and exterior of the GMC Terrain have been completely redesigned for 2018.

I personally love the side profile of this vehicle. It reminds me of a much more expensive import SUV that I have always loved for its body style.

The newest technology is integrated into Terrain with features like integrated maps and navigation, simultaneous Bluetooth connections (two phones at a time) and the addition of user profiles. This means you can have up to five different user profiles connected to the vehicle and your preferences are saved in the cloud.

My favourite addition to the GMC Terrain is the Electronic Precision Shifter which basically means push-button gear shift for Park, Drive, Reverse and Neutral. I love the simplicity of this feature so much.

Some other new features for 2018 include the panoramic sunroof, leather-wrapped steering wheel, heated seats, remote start and comfort rear seats (heating in some trim levels).

A feature very close to my heart as a mom and telling moms about cool family vehicles is the Rear Seat Reminder. If you have something buckled into the back seat (like a car seat or a child) you will receive a DING and a dashboard message stating there is something in the back seat. Listen, I know this isn’t a cure-all for potentially forgetting a child or car seat in the car 100% of the time, but it’s most definitely a start.

One more feature I love (I have it on my Yukon and use it ALL THE TIME) too, is the kick motion to open the back trunk. How many times, as moms, are our hands too full to dig for keys or even press a button on the trunk to get it open? All the time! I use it almost daily so I’m happy to see this added to the GMC Terrain.


Get it now at dealers across Canada, starting at only $30,195, which in my opinion, is a steal of a deal for a fantastic family SUV.

The 2018 GMC Terrain covers all the bases for a compact SUV. It has space, towing capacity, safety features, and the aesthetics most families want and need.

Watch for an upcoming post where I show you all the FUN activities we enjoyed while in the beautiful mountains surrounding Quebec City, and what to do in Quebec! (Pssst. I rode one of those horses!)

*All of these beautiful photos by Ben Maran Photography

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