Family Fun at K-Days!

Guest post by Sajida Pelligrini

You have probably heard by now that the new name for Capital Ex is the old name, K-Days! I personally could not be happier! I recently took my girls to their very first exhibition; we had the best time ever! Of course I was flooded with childhood memories, from the big slide, where my cousin decided to go down sideways (don’t try this at home kids), to the Giant Wheel. We had nothing but fun! I was so neat to go back to the glass house- it used to be my favorite as a kid, now it just seemed so small? I remember as an 8 year old trying to find my way out, I slammed into a glass wall leading to the stairs while my brother, who was standing outside, laughed hysterically. It was wonderful sharing these memories with my girls!

Of course the rides were a big hit with my 7 year old. She especially loved the water ride where you get splashed with water. Since it was 28 degrees this was very refreshing. Our 3 year old preferred to stay on the side lines and watch, but I managed to get her on a few!

 I honestly think this is the same car ride I used to go on when I was a kid!

We really enjoyed the Expo exhibits, it was so neat to visit all the countries and learn about them. Our kids have a connection to India, so they loved seeing all the Indian clothes, a replica of the Taj Mahal and learning about their heritage. And a day at K-days wouldn’t be the same without some of those delicious “little donuts” and a glitter tattoo or two.

Feel Fabulous Mobile Spa was at Family Fun Town pampering all the girls with spa treatments!

We would have loved to stay a bit later and watch the Aluminum Show, which we heard so many good things about, however, our wee little one was a bit tuckered out. Sometimes you just need to know when to call it a day! We really enjoyed our K-Days experience and we can’t wait until next year… let’s just say, it was a fun filled day!

~ Sajida

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