Family Travel: Summer Road Trip Tips (AND A CONTEST!)

Who doesn’t love a good road trip with the whole family in our beautiful Country? It’s the best possible getaway to celebrate Canada’s 150th Birthday this Summer, and the Laughing Cow is celebrating too, with a contest!
We do regular road trips as a family and these are the things I’ve learned works for our family.


Tackle Maps online before you leave and be sure you’re ready with planned fuel stops and approximately how many hours you’ll be on the road each day, along with meal stops, bathroom breaks and hotel bookings.
In BC, I highly recommend as a resource to use for planning, even on the day of your planned travel. We have used this site twice to learn of highway closures and plan for them in advance rather than be stranded road-side. Also, make sure you have travel items with you when you plan to travel. You may check out this promotional sustainable travel items blog to make travel more sustainable.


In the Summer (especially this special Canada 150 Summer!), you’ll want to pre-book hotels/motels for stops along the way. Many popular stops will be pre-booked and sold out if you expect to just stop in and expect last-minute availability.


I always pack one reusable grocery bag with dry snacks like granola bars, popcorn, and also a soft cooler with cheese, fruit, and drinks.
The Laughing Cow Cheese is great for on-the-road because it’s protein rich and still easy (and fun) for the kids to dip their fruit and crackers into!


We love ‘eye spy’, Crossword Puzzle, and other ‘look for it’ games on a long road trip! I usually pack a few candy treats for when the girls spot the first ‘punch-buggy’ or a live cow on a road-side farm.
The Laughing Cow packaging this summer even comes with a few games! The Laughing Cow even has a few games of her own tucked into the Packaging for Canada’s special Birthday!
They LOVE spotting the things while we drive that I suggest, like:
  • Camper trailer
  • Boat
  • Bus
  • Cow
  • Horse
  • Bridge
  • Green car
  • River
  • Lake
  • Motorcycle


Whoever does the majority of the driving in your crew should make sure that all fluid levels are topped up prior to a trip (oil change, windshield wiper fluid, etc) and that all tires are properly pressurized.
In the vehicle, it’s good to have booster cables, a roadside emergency kit and first aid kit handy.


I like to go to the ‘dollar store’ before a trip and grab a few things to entertain the kids when they get restless. Sometimes I’ll even go to the effort of wrapping them in gift wrap ahead of time to make it extra special.
I’ve done both one ‘bigger’ ($5-10) item per child and also several smaller items that could please any of you children.

Items like

  • mini-puzzles
  • play-dough
  • colouring books
  • new markers
  • crossword puzzle books
  • blank journals
  • sketch books
  • dolls
  • building sets
  • mini-cars
  • stickers
  • mini-manicure set
  • purse-sized mirror

The Laughing Cow is known for it’s creamy, good taste and the iconic wedge packaging. Opening the wedge of creamy cheese has been bringing people joy for 96 years and it is no surprise that it is the most consumed melted cheese in the world with 240 portions enjoyed every second! The Laughing Cow is all about joyfulness and she loves hearing about how families enjoy a wedge of happiness together.

In celebration of Canada’s 150th birthday, The Laughing Cow is encouraging families to discover Canada’s beautiful landscapes and culture! The exciting part is that The Laughing Cow is giving away a trip to anywhere in Canada! Who wouldn’t love to win that?

 The Laughing Cow stopped by to see our family on her way across Canada and she gave us a special hint to share with you all. The clue is: VANCOUVER.  Enter the contest and view the full rules at!

*This post is sponsored by The Laughing Cow


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    All wonderful tips! I have followed many of them myself while traveling.Hope the Laughing Cow and all other Canadians have a great Canada day weekend.
    Happy 150th birthday Canada

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