Five Things: Links We Love


I truly love the Internet. Inspiration and education at every turn, I love to discover great writers, designers, fashion, home decor and oh so much more! It’s an amazing thing, this thing we have at our fingertips.

Do these 9 things while Pregnant

You’re so used to hearing ‘don’t’ during pregnancy, but these 9 things from What To Expect, are things you can surely do while carrying your bump.

Have you ‘failed’ your New Year’s Resolution?

3 Reasons You have Failed your New Year’s Resolutions and what to do now via Guy Kawasaki

We Thank You Teachers

This article about a soon-to-retire teacher saving lives looking for love and lonliness in her classroom every week is an absolutely amazing description of how hard our teachers work to teach our children bravery and kindness every day, a must read.

Cutest Baby Singing Ever (video)

First of all, I love how this little girl adores her Daddy. Secondly, she’s singing along to Elvis. Completely precious.

Babies Should Sleep With Mama Until Age 3 (or even longer)

According to this latest study, babies should sleep with mom until age 3. Tough on the marriage perhaps, I’m not sure I’m sold even though I loved co-sleeping for some time.


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