Five Things: Links We Love



1 | Melissa & Doug Toys

We love Melissa & Doug toys, and their puzzles, games and toys are discounted on Zulilly starting today!

2 | Things women do that men don’t know about

A few of these are exactly right: 20 Things That Women Do That Men Probably Don’t Know About.

3 | After Birth Surprises

10 Things nobody tells you about post-delivery.  This mom tells it like it is, hilariously.

4 | Mom Guilt

We all deal with it, daily. It’s mommy guilt. But here are 20 Things NOT to feel guilty about.

5 | Why I Won’t Be Posting the Makeup Free Selfie

Before I even read this article, I wondered why anyone would want to post a makeup free selfie on social media for everyone to see. Well said.


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