Five things: Links We Love


I’m not usually one to click on video links online, for the most part I prefer to skim print articles rather than press play.  However, I came across several amazing mom-related videos I’m glad I chose to watch and I hope you will too.  They will both make you grateful to be a mom.

1 | We are often too hard on ourselves as mothers, doubting our patience, our ability to parent, our confidence.  This video (via Huffington Post) depicts various mothers voicing their doubts and then in return kids talking about how they feel about their mothers.  It’s a tear jerker.

2 |  This baby gets very emotional whilst her mom sings her an 80’s Rod Stewart ballad.  Really, it’s adorable.

3 |  Did you hear the amazing news?  Nordstrom Rack and Hautelook have joined forces to bring you all the designer brands at a fraction of the regular price.  I love this site.  Happy Shopping.

4 | A controversial topic: ‘Why I care about my daughter’s looks‘.

5 | launches!  It’s a Canadian online photo book biz with great products and prices (more than just photo books too).  I will be making my 2013 Family Album here!  I have a 30% off code just for you:  It’s MODMAMA30.



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