Five Things: Links We Love


This week’s Links we Love is here!  We love shopping, summer, food and tech this week (and always, of course!)…

1 | The Nordstrom Anniversary sale launches this week, and yes they offer shipping to Canada.  Check out brands like Kate Spade, Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors at great prices at this annual discount event.

2 | Summer fun with your kids – 10 Summer Activities to Encourage Language skills in Your Toddler

3 | I love white fish, and this recipe for Steamed Savory Halibut looks like a most lovely dinner for hubs and I.  For my kids, I would add some pasta and carrots with dip and dinner is served!

4 | Summertime + Margharitas = winning, right?  Well here are 28 recipes for Margharita’s “Tequila has ever known” – spend an afternoon experimenting.

5 | And finally, tech.  I like to watch Carley Knobloch for her latest techy reviews and advice videos.  A round-up of her digital photo posts are here!

Have a great weekend.


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