Five Things: Links We Love


We are halfway through summer and loving every sunny moment of it.

1 | Is your babe starting pre-K or Junior Kindergarten in a month?  I enjoyed this article from Today’s Parent on signs of readiness for this big step in your little’s life.

2 | I love the current maternity fashions – can you say Maxi-Dress?!  Here are 10 Celebrities who didn’t sacrifice style for their bump.

3 | On the brink of the August long weekend, and halfway through Summer, and we still have plenty of time for more summer fun.  This Pinterest board has it all – summer checklists, activities, bucket lists and more.

4 | We got an ice cream maker from Santa last Christmas, so this recipe for Coconut Gelato sounds like something I simply need to make!

5 | It is reported that post-partum depression caused a tragedy in which two children and a mother died last week in Manitoba – a reminder to seek help if you’re feeling blue after the birth of your child.  Share the local resources for post-partum depression awareness in your community with new moms. PPDA is one of them.


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