Five Things: Links We Love


1 | Talking to your kids about sex.  Yikes.  Scary stuff.  BUT, it starts way before ‘the talk’ – it’s about your attitude towards nudity and sex around your children when they’re little ones too.  What a great article on being naked in front of your kids by Dr. Logan Levkoff.

2 | Lunchbots (lunch accessories for daycare and pre-K) are on this week.  Along with plenty of other great brands on this sample sale site (now Shipping to Canada!).

3 | 15 fantastic reading nooks and spaces for little ones on PopSugar to foster a love of books and reading.

4 | I hadn’t even considered ‘Bessie’ to be a nickname for Elizabeth, but this article on Babble sheds light on names that may result in horrible nicknames.

5 | Labour Day weekend is right around the corner, and I think we’ll toast to the ‘end’ of Summer with a BBQ.  This post has an unusual round up of more healthful foods for just such an occasion including chickpea quinoa pineapple burgers!


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