Five Things: My Picks At The Vancouver Baby & Family Fair

I visited the Vancouver Baby & Family Fair this past weekend, not only to man our Modern Mama booth, but to check out the latest and greatest in what’s new for mom & baby.

Here are my picks:

1 – Global Mothers


Handmade products from around the world are sold through Global Mothers and profits go back to the community that created them. They work in over 10 countries with over 13 non-government organizations.

2 – Arrow & Lace Designs


The cutest accessories you have ever seen at Arrow & Lace. Perfect for the upcoming Holiday season as well! Dresses, hair accessories and bow ties.

3 – Matraea


Organic herbal teas handmade on Vancouver Island by Matraea. These teas are designed specifically for new mothers and expectant women. Various benefits of their blends include “reducing swelling, calming nerves & digestive systems and even toning and reinforcing the uterine walls”.

4 – Nuggles


Cloth diapers with style at Nuggles! And she’s local! She has these gorgeous designs made sustainably over-seas and distributes throughout Canada.

5 – Munchables


Chew-safe jewelry (necklaces, bracelets, pacifier clips & more) for your teether to safely nibble on your jewels at Munchables.

There you have it!



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