five things – sites to check out

I’m always on the hunt for great sites for articles, recipes, style tips and just generally anything ‘mom-focused’.  Check out my latest picks in this week’s five things.

1 | Style Bakery Mom is full of fun products and style surrounding child and mommyhood.

2 | Child Mode.  A super cool Canadian site with tons of great new content daily for parents including travel tips and new product releases.

3 | Yummy Mummy Club.  A plethora of mom-related content.  You could read on this site for days and not run out of relevant reads.

4 | I met one of the founding sisters of 5 Minutes for Mom a few weeks ago and love their site which aims to inspire and empower moms.  There is a lot of information surrounding blogging and networking here also.

5 | A fashion site for kids?  Canadian?  YES!  Bella Child Magazine brings style to the forefront for your little ones. (shown above)

PS – I simply must plug both Urban Infant and Entrepreneur Mom Now here!  Check them out, they’re pretty awesome Edmonton sites!

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