Five Tips For Surviving The First Trimester

So, let’s be honest.

The first trimester of pregnant sucks ( for most ).

Your body has a ton of changes going on, between your uterus growing to all your hormones going crazy. All these things add up to some pretty crappy symptoms, but there is hope! I am going to share with you, my top 5 tips to surviving your first trimester!


1.  The Morning Sickness Pill

When I hit my 6 weeks of pregnancy mark with my daughter, the dreaded morning sickness hit hard. At the time I was working in a restaurant and the smell of all the food was making me super sick. I went to see my doctor and she recommended I try Diclectin. Now I know there has been a lot of controversies lately as to how effective the medication is on helping with nausea and vomiting. In all honesty, it worked great for me, I was able to get through my work day and was able to keep down my meals.

2. ALWAYS Have Snacks On Hand

Working in a restaurant was great for this issue, unlimited food!  However, the second time around, I had to make sure to keep snacks stashed at work and in the car. Having something in your stomach at all times is crucial to helping prevent, or lessen morning sickness symptoms. As soon as I woke up in the morning I would eat something, whether that be crackers or  I would keep some granola bars on my nightstand. Whatever works for you, every pregnancy is different!


Heartburn was one of my biggest struggles during pregnancy, I had severe acid reflux. As to why this was happening, I have no idea, both my kids had an insignificant amount of hair. Even though the third trimester was the worst for this, I still had it during my first as well. Unfortunately being pregnant means you can’t take much medication, even when it’s only tums. I would save most of my pills for the evening as that was when it was the worst. I always had a bottle on my nightstand and In my purse, of course. I usually tried to buy different flavors as I was eating SO many I got sick of them quite quickly.

4. Sleep Whenever And Wherever You Can

Fatigue is usually the number one symptom that you will notice quite early on. Sometimes you will even notice it before you take a pregnancy test! During my second pregnancy, I longed for the days of when I could nap all afternoon if the mood struck me. My daughter had given up napping months before finding out I was pregnant with my son. So if this is your first, cherish this time. If not, take advantage of when your spouse or family members are able to watch over your other kids. You deserve it!

5. Preggie Pops

Sucking on hard candies are a great way to combat morning sickness. I have used preggie pops in the past, but really any hard candies will do the job. Low blood sugars are a big cause of morning sickness, so if you aren’t able to get a snack in, these are a great option.

I hope these tips will help you feel your best and help you enjoy this exciting time! If you have any tips please comment down below with them 🙂

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