Fun Gender Reveal Ideas

Gender Reveal Ideas
If you choose to find out the gender of your baby, you may be thinking of how to share or find out the news. Do you want to just ask the doctor? Or do you want to do an actual gender reveal party?
The latter usually involves having the doctor write the gender on a piece of paper for you to give to a baker, who makes a cake (who will use coloured filling, you know how it goes).  This is a fun and exciting way to learn what you are having. Sharing the experience with loved ones can add to the experience.
However, if you are interested in mixing it up, perhaps considering some different gender reveal ideas. I have seen a couple of these done and it can be super cute!

Fun Gender Reveal Ideas

Cake smash by a sibling

This is the same as the traditional cake cutting piece. However, if you want to make it a more intimate affair and already have a child, this is super cute. Do a little photo session without child doing a cake smash. When you have a few snaps, put together a collage and circulate to friends and family. We did this idea with our second child. I love that we got to have our son do the gender reveal for us!

Confetti poppers

Some bakery shops or art supply stores, sell gender reveal poppers. These kind of look like push pops. You just push the bottom upwards until “POP!” You will be sprinkled with pink or blue confetti. This idea can actually be a DIY project (of course not by you, but by someone you trust).

White canvas with coloured spray

If you love art, this may be a super cool way to do it! Have a trusted friend fill an opaque paint spray bottle with either pink or blue paint. As your guests arrive, set-up a white canvas…then spray to create a gender revealing masterpiece!

Paint powder on white tees

Similar to the canvas idea, but with some guest participation. On your invitation, be sure to ask guests to wear white (maybe warn them that they will get paint on them). Have a friend fill a paint gun with the appropriate paint powder. Have your guests line up and shower them with powder. I saw this done at the beach once. It was beautiful!


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