Get more of what you LOVE: Part 2

Get more Part 2

By: Ayoe Lai

I know, that you know this….but let’s pretend for a moment that you don’t.

“When I change the way I look at things, the things I look at change.” ~ Wayne Dyer

I have expectations of my day as every one else probably has.  And I have felt in my own body how my perception of others is always true whether I feel happy, sad or angry. When I walk out my door in an angry mood, everyone I meet will piss me off, push my buttons and irritate me. When I walk out being happy and friendly, I will constantly meet other happy, smiling and friendly people. Isn’t that odd?

What you give out comes back


Other people are simply a reflection of me and the things that are going on in my life.

I did a little personal research on the topic and never once did it fail. When I was friendly, smiling and kind to other people, random people I met on the street, in shops or elsewhere, would give me the same back.

The same was true for the opposite. Try it for yourself.

Give up blame

We often blame other people, the economy, the weather etc. for how we feel. This is completely ridiculous because how we feel is determined by ourselves and nothing else. Of course we are justified in blaming other people if they do something to us, such as being hit by a car or being dumped.

However, we need to ask ourselves: “Does it serve me to blame this person?”

The answer will always be: “No”. The biggest thing to learn in life is forgiveness and that we always have the choice of how we are going to react to things that happen to us. This doesn’t mean we choose WHAT happens to us, only HOW we respond to the situation we find ourselves in.

Be present

Now please do this with me:

Stand up.

Put your hands on your heart.

Take a few deep breaths.

Close your eyes.

Ground yourself.


Say: ”I am in my heart”.

Do you feel that? In that one moment you were actually present. Isn’t that awesome?

So how do we do this on a daily basis?

In fact is it very simple. When we are focused on the mistakes and regrets in our lives we are living in the past. When we are worried and fearful  we are living in the future. Neither one is something we can change right now. Only the present can be changed now. So BE present when you are playing with your children, when you are spending quality time with your partner (this means, put your phone down!), even when you are waiting for the bus. JUST BE! Remember to breathe and smile. Life will become a lot easier than what we sometimes imagine it to be.

Today’s affirmation: I practice being present!

To see how to do the affirmation dance check out Ayoe’s website. If you missed Part 1, It’s HERE.

Ayoe is a healing practitioner and teacher, a light worker as well as a cookbook author. She became a mother in October 2013 to a beautiful boy. In her healing practice Creating Great Health, she works with pregnant women and new mothers to help alleviate stress and other ailments such as postpartum depression. Her treatments are 100% natural and noninvasive, connecting with the energies of each client. With her husband she has the food blog Three More Bites and together they have written and published the cookbooks: “Cozy Cooking” and “Three Weddings and a Honeymoon”.

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