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Child with goggles, Grouse Mountain.jpg By: Heather van Mil

Favourite Things

One of my favourite things about living in Vancouver is the ability to do many outdoor activities year round (or close to) because of the mild weather we enjoy. There aren’t many days of the year that you can’t play soccer, go for a hike or ride a bike. We are exceptionally lucky that not only do we have the beautiful weather to enjoy the outdoors – snow free – for the most part, but also to have the mountains in our back yard where we can get our snow fix whenever we want!

Get your Grouse Mountain Passes

Having some of the best ski resorts in the world just a stones throw away from the comforts of home is something that we are fortunate enough to take advantage of, and Grouse Mountain  is making it easier then ever to do that! They know that living in “the best place on earth” comes with a steep price tag, so they’re offering their Y2Play pass at a great price with options starting at just $29 for children 4 and under.

Families are able to choose from a variety of flexible options including family passes (two adults, 1 or 2 children) or the Parent Pass option, which means parents can share a pass and divide the time with children under six. The value is exceptional when you consider that you can not only use your pass for the remainder of the current ski season, but the entire 2014/2015 season! Plus with all the extras that come along with your Y2Play pass (one off free rentals, food credits and numerous season longdiscounts), the pass really does pay for itself in just 5 or less visits!

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It’s CONVENIENT. No snow tires required

On our recent trip to check out the Ski Wee School with my 5 year old, I really appreciated that I didn’t have to don snow chains to drive to the top of the mountain in case of inclement weather. Grouse Mountain is so conveniently located, and you get the added pleasure of the taking the SkyRide gondola to and from the chalet – an attraction in and of itself. Their kids area is a beautiful, playful and well sheltered area that my newbie took to duck to water – or perhaps a polar bear to snow. I was quite sure that the 3 hour lesson would completely tire her out, but she had so much fun, was so engaged and learned so much that when she was given the opportunity to stay and practice what she had learned after the 3 hours was up (as all lesson participants can), she jumped at the chance to stay and show off her new skills. With the wide range of activities offered for adults and children alike, great value and convenient location, I can see that Grouse Mountain will be a favourite in our family for years to come!

Heather van Mil is the General Manager at Gymboree Play & Music by day and Freelance Writer and Blogger at by night. Somewhere in between she is also a wife and momma to 2 beautiful girls who frequently inspire the content on her Facebook, Twitter and too many other social media feeds to count! 


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    The last time I went to Grouse it was after the most miserable two hours of my life doing the Grind. I need to take Stella up there and make some better memories. Maybe come with? xo

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    I like the location of Grouse Mountain as well. If memory serves me correctly, can’t you take a city bus to the base of the mountain?

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