Great Big Boo Is Coming For You Canada

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Once again it is that time of year, it is time for the Great Big Boo tour and every little one here in Canada are just dying to see some of their favorite spooky friends. These fun characters are here to entertain our tiny masses and they do an amazing job of it. Getting your kids up dancing and singing and having a blast with these friendly high energy characters, great for your younger crowds who prefer to enjoy the early hours of Halloween.

Frankie the lounge singer, Vinnie the Vampire, Priscella and so many others will be there to ensure your kids are having a blast and getting excited for all the memories they will be making this Halloween season. They’ll be travelling across Canada to bring some Halloween spirit to all those good little girls and boys who love to dance, sing and of course trick or treat. With so many great show times you are bound to find the perfect place and time to take your kids out to this live action movie experience.

These wacky characters will be taking your kids of a wild adventure in the hopes to save Halloween – ensuring all the kids of the world get to snag their candy on Halloween night. After all what would Halloween be without Trick or Treating with friends and family!


“The Great Big Boo!” combines the best of musical theatre and the Halloween tradition of trick-or-treating! The event will be coming to the following Cineplex theatres in the Greater Vancouver Area:

  • Cineplex Park and Tillford, North Vancouver

  • Galaxy Cinema, Nanaimo

  • SilverCity Riverport, Richmond

  • SilverCity & VIP, Coquitlam

  • SilverCity, Victoria

  • Cineplex Odeon Abbotsford & VIP Cinemas, Abbotsford

  • Colossus Langley Cinemas, Langley


Guess what??

Thanks to the Great Big Boo we will be giving you and your family a chance to win 4 tickets to see this great show for yourself! A great way to spend an afternoon of fun with your little kids, making those priceless Halloween memories that will last a lifetime. Not to mention it also gives you a chance to put those costumes on the kids for more than just one night this year. Did we mention that is 4 tickets in each city: Alberta, B.C., and Ontario meaning 3 families will win!



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