Happy Birthday, Anthony!

My Boys

Today marks 25 years since I gave birth to my dear baby boy, Anthony. As many of you know, my angel  watches us from heaven above and just the other day, his presence was strongly  felt, actually visualized.

This past Father’s Day (which also happens to be that Anthony was actually born on Father’s Day) my sweet baby boy, Seb, was watching the 24 Hours of LeMans with his Daddy. Of course this is a common event in our household as Daddy has an extreme love of racing which by the amount of cars in Seb’s toy box proves to run in the family. I was playing with my camera and capturing the two enthralled by the cars speeding on the track, when there before me was an image I had seen many years before. Looking off to one side was my little guy in the exact same position, with the exact same expression, and the only thing different seemed to be the colour of his eyes and hair. It felt like I had Anthony there before me for a fraction of a second. I noticed myself freeze to allow myself time to feel the moment and completely take in what was before me. Both my son’s within one space, years apart.

Afterward I sent images to my sister which confirmed the uncanny resemblance and I proceeded to hunt for that original image from many years ago. At last I had both images side by side. I felt quite a surge of emotion but also was filled with love and happiness knowing I was blessed with these two beautiful little boys who called me Mama.

So as today marks Anthony’s 25th birthday, we shall continue the tradition of celebrating his birthday with something he would have liked to do. The biggest difference this year will be that we have Seb who can actually experience and enjoy  the festivities.

Happy Birthday, Anthony. Mama loves you and misses you everyday.

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