Help Yourself by Helping Others: Free Meditations

Infant Reflex

By: Lis Kunzi, Step Forward to Better Health

Soothing meditation for women who are pregnant are a click away! These easy-to-download files are tailor made to quell all the fears, mood swings, hormonal changes, and anxiety that women experience on this exciting nine-month ride. Try it!

To receive your FREE downloadable meditations, please offer a kind donation to either Brown Bagging for Calgary Kids OR Calgary Mothers’ Milk Bank. Your donation will go a long way in providing milk and lunches to babies and kids in need. Thank you!


Brown Bagging for Calgary Kids

Calgary Mothers’ Milk Bank

Download Free:

Meditating while expecting is a tried and true way of relaxing your body, mind and soul with the added “kick” of providing you with more energy, peace and calm.  Enjoy a stress free pregnancy with these free meditations.

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