Hip Hop Hooray for Easter!


By: Brooke Takhar 

Hello friends!

Spring is here but more importantly it’s Good Friday. Every Friday in my world is good, but today is so sure of itself it named itself GOOD.

No matter the weather, today is the start of a long weekend and that is a cause for celebration in my world. With four lusciously long days spread out in front of me, I had the time to reflect on why Easter long weekend is the most wonderful time of the year.


Here are the highlights.

1. Unlike Christmas or birthdays, I don’t have to wrap anything.

I can literally stand in the middle of my living room, throw a handful of wrapped chocolate eggs in the air and let them stay where they lay. Call my kid into the room and tell her to FIND ALL THE EGGS AND EAT THEM. That is the extent of my Easter stress. We don’t do Easter dinner so those chocolate eggs can be dinner for the whole weekend. We all might have scurvy on Tuesday but it’s SO WORTH IT.

2. For all working Mamas, four days off without taking any vacation days is KING.

It’s many many hours of pajamas, pancakes and Princess stories vs. burnt coffee, co-workers and computer screens. It’s almost long enough to forget what 7 am looks like. It’s a great stretch of time if you wanted to venture out on an overnight trip somewhere kitschy and cute (and cheap), or pop across the border to the States to buy liquor in the same basket as discounted Easter candy (those crazy smart Americans). It’s a great break and refresh for myself and my family and every second is filled with gratitude (and chocolate.)

3. Since its Spring, the flowers are going NUTS trying to out-pretty each other.

Even if it’s raining, just get on your waterproof gear and take the kids out for a nature walkabout. Pretend you know what all the flower’s names are, let them sniff each one and describe what it smells like, jump in every puddle, pat each caterpillar or just let them whip around a playground for a few hours to run off the chocolate high while you take in some deep breaths of fresh air. For the last few months, in the sodden and dark city, we have been engaged in a lot of indoor play. It’s time to run and hoot and holler. PS – all the cool parents join in on Tag and Hide and Seek. It counts as cardio towards burning off the Cadbury calories.

So whether you’re currently slaving away over a plump ham dotted with cloves or, like me, just fishing ham luncheon meat out of the fridge and directly into your mouth, have a great long Easter weekend with your family!

Brooke Takhar is a mama of one monkey, based out of Vancouver, BC. She blogs about the trials and triumphs of parenting at missteenussr.com. When she’s not obsessing about her lack of DIY skills and exotic face creams, she shares her life and loves via Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

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