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As parents, we want easy snacks for on-the-go, at daycare, preschool and school. We are often told what types of foods we aren’t allowed to bring along somewhere due to allergies. This can be frustrating and also limits the choices when trying to buy easy, on-the-go stuff for the kids – that they actually like to eat.

FreeYumm Foods has a dedicated facility in North Vancouver, BC. Everything FreeYumm produces is free of the priority allergens (Dairy, Egg, Wheat/Gluten, Peanut, Tree Nut, Sesame, Soy, Sulphites and Seafood). Natural sweeteners such as Maple Syrup and Honey are chosen over processed cane sugar and Corn Syrup. With equal emphasis on being Yummy, FreeYumm is a brand that consumers rely on for delicious, safe and fun snacks.
“It is the single, powerful concept, of kids sharing food together that drives me and my business. From team snacks at soccer practice, to play dates, to School lunchesā€¦.. I want all kids to be included and be able to share in the fun.” says founder Sarah, a local Mom herself.

FreeYumm uses simple, natural, high-quality ingredients. No gimmicks, starches or fillers. And by eliminating highly processed sugars and corn syrup, they produce products that almost every parent out there is excited to get their hands on.

*This post was sponsored by FreeYum



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