Hot Find Friday: Lucy Darling

So if the name Lucy Darling and shop wasn’t cute overload enough already, the products themselves will put you over the edge.

Not only cute, but useful.

We would totally use these most adorable closet organizers in the first year of motherhood here at Modern Mama.

Closet Dividers_floral (1)

I love buying many different sizes for baby’s first year while pregnant (and lets face it, we get ALL sizes at the baby shower and from the long-lost-relatives as baby gifts), so these lovely closet hangers help you organize all those outfits into a beautiful closet space.


At only $24.99 a set, it’s a fantastically reasonable way to organize baby’s first year closet.


Great design leads to more great products. Check out these belly stickers for your cute-as-can-be maternity photos throughout your pregnancy.


Bump Stickers $24.99


Need motivation to take more photos of your babe through the blur of the first few months? These stickers will ensure a beautiful photo every month. Several styles to chose from for either gender.$15.99


Lastly, some beautiful wall art for the nursery. I adore this colour combination. $19.99

We love the unique colours, design and products at Lucy Darling boutique.

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