Hot Find Friday: The Worry Woo Monsters

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I just discovered the Worry Woo Monsters books and plush toys which help teach kids how to overcome common struggles with feelings. Children often deal with difficult emotions like anxiety, frustration, loneliness, insecurity and fear and don’t know how to cope or even voice those feelings.

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The line of toys and books is developed by Artist Andi Green who also partnered with renowned Australian child psychologist Dr. John Irvine to help create the accompanying parent guides.

I personally deal with a child who is starting to display signs of anxiety. When I showed her Wince the Monster of Worry and read the story book with her, she was so happy. I think she was relieved that she wasn’t the only one that had worries and anxiety. She has since slept with Wince every single night and she’s very possessive over him with her sisters. (Together they’ve visited the Worry Woo Monsters website and decided they want them all).

The storybook is simple for little ones to understand with simple sentences like “If you feed [the worry bug] a worry, it will always want MORE”.

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The companion guide titled Helping Young Worriers Beat the Worry Bug by Dr. John Irvine is full of activities, notes for parents like me who want to know more about anxiety in children and is easy-to-understand and implement.


Visit the Worry Woo Monsters website to see which monster might be just right for your child.


* I received the Worry Woo Monster and books for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own.


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