Hottest Tot Products A-Z part 3, featuring sponsor Ergo Baby

Over the next couple weeks we are featuring all the amazing giveaways we’ve assembled for our first Hottest Tot Products Event in Vancouver, October 23rd, from A to Z!

To get a quick look at everything up for grabs, check out our Pintrest page too.

Today, we’re featuring letter E, which represents one of our fab event sponsors and Hottest Tot Product provider, Ergo Baby.

A baby carrier is one of my top recommended items for new parents. The ability to wear your baby is not only great for you and baby, it’s also a practical way to get around. I love my stroller, but sometimes you’re going somewhere with tight corners and a baby carrier makes things easier. And, before my baby could sit-up, grocery shopping was all about having the baby in my Ergo while I shopped. My almost two-year old is much bigger and too squirmy to sit in our Ergo now, so I am looking forward to carrying my new baby in my carrier in a few months.

For our Hottest Tot Products event, we will have TWO ergo baby carriers for two lucky mamas. I know that whoever takes these carriers home will love them.

Thanks Ergo Baby for sponsoring our Vancouver Hottest Tot Products Event!


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