Hottest Tot Products A-Z, letters W-Z

Today’s the day we giveaway and feature all the products and sponsors for our first Hottest Tot Products Event in Vancouver! There are just four regular tickets remaining, so grab your last minute ticket now!

To get a quick look at everything up for grabs, check out our Pintrest page too.

Today, we’re featuring letters W-Z, which completes our A-Z walk through of the event. And just in time as the event is tonight! Look forward to seeing many of you soon.

W is for…

 The Whale Pod by Boon – An ocean of bath toys fit inside the Whale Pod so they can be easily stored and left to drip-dry. BPA, PVC, and Phthalate free, something you expect with quality Boon products! $40 value.



Wikki Stix – Now these are a cool find. Wikki Stix are twistable, stickable, buildable, playable, one of a kind creatables for kids aged 3-103! They are perfect for quiet, independent play, or interaction with others. They help enhance learning through hands-on kinesthetic involvement. They stimulate the imagination and creativity in everyone! And.. there is no right or wrong way to play! The stix themselves are made of hand-knitting yarn enhanced with a microcrystalline food-grade, non-toxic wax. One mama will receive a selection of Wikki Stix actvities, valued at $70.

X is for…all the (e)Xtra things we’ve confirmed recently! This would be:

Blanket & 2 bibs from Bella & Charlie Designs – this company is the brainchild of two sisters (and moms) who couldn’t find bibs and blankets they loved…so they started making their own! One mama will receive a beautiful blanket and two bibs, $65 value.



Heimess wooden toys from Bebenuk. Heimess wooden toys have been “Made in Germany” for over 50 years. High quality standards and natural materials ensure the fabrication of a quality product. Heimess toys are to a large extent made by hand. Only local wood such as beech, sycamore and walnut are used. Heimess uses water based paints and dyes which are completely non-toxic and harmless for babies. Just as with any other toy, Heimess products get worn too – but loss of color does not diminish the safety. One mama will receive a nice selection of Heimess toys to take home!

And that is it! I can’t wait to give all this loot away. I know my husband can’t wait either, as it’s all sitting in my office right now 🙂

So, we’ll see You soon, and Zoom over to our event page get one of our final 4 tickets remaining!

Thanks for reading Hottest Tot Products A-Z. See you soon!

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