Hottest Tot Products A-Z, part 10 – Printcraft and Rhonda Dent Photography

We are in week 2 of our feature on the many products and sponsors for our first Hottest Tot Products Event in Vancouver, October 23rd, from A to Z! Regular tickets are still available – be sure to snap one up!

To get a quick look at everything up for grabs, check out our Pintrest page too.

Today, we’re on letters P & R,which happen to represent our two service sponsors for this event.

P is for…

Printcraft SolutionsThis Burnaby-based printing company is a full-service printer, using state of the art technology to create quality prints with an emphasis on good service. Thank you to Printcraft for creating our event postcards and tent cards for our Hottest Tot Products event!

R is for…

Rhonda Dent Photography is our official event photographer! Rhonda got her start in photography at the young age of 15, first off assisting at weddings for friends and family. Her eye for capturing intimate moments of the human spirit on film and her talent for organizing subjects in a non-intrusive way has landed her numerous wedding, portrait and event jobs over the years. She specializes in photography of children, weddings, and portraits. I can’t wait to see her photos of this event!

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