Hottest Tot Products A-Z – part 2

Over the next couple weeks we will be featuring all the amazing giveaways we’ve assembled for our first Hottest Tot Products Event in Vancouver, October 23rd, from A to Z!

To get a quick look at everything up for grabs, check out our Pintrest page too. Now, take a look these amazing products representing letters C & D.

C is for…

Clek – This innovative booster and carseat company (you may recognize their Paul Frank edition boosters) is committed to good design, safety, and comfort. Clek is giving away two products at our Hottest Tot Products event – a booster seat and a high back booster seat. This is definitely one of my most coveted items at the event!


Cosy Baby Happy Mommy – This Edmonton-based company believes that  baby-wearing is healthy, practical and fun way to approach parenthood. They have baby carriers that meet the baby-carrying needs of the entire family! For this hottest tot products event, one lucky mama is getting the “3rd Gen” Mei Tei carrier, the company’s most popular carrier.


Coverboo Couture offers modern nursing covers, with a twist! The CoverBoo Nursing Scarf is worn as a fashion accessory that does NOT LOOK like any of the other nursing covers currently out on the market. It offers the convenience of having a nursing cover readily available – as it is already being worn.

D is for…

Dress Me Up Organic is a local Victoria company specializing in handmade, natural, organic cotton soft toys, eco-teethers and baby linens for young children. Their most famous product is probably the organic teething bonbon, which I can’t wait to buy for my new baby. One mama will be going home with the teething bonbon and teething bunny for their little one to chomp on!

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