Hottest Tot Products A-Z, part 8 featuring sponsor Mom’s Kisses

We are in week 2 of our feature on the many products and sponsors for our first Hottest Tot Products Event in Vancouver, October 23rd, from A to Z!

To get a quick look at everything up for grabs, check out our Pintrest page too.

Today, we’re staying with letter M for one more day, which stands for our event sponsor Mom’s Kisses.

Mom’s Kisses is a new topical herbal medicine made from the natural Arnica montana flower with a hint of lavender. A modern spin on a traditional medicine and clinically proven to heal bruising & inflammation caused by contusions and sprains. Great for sore muscles too. Mom’s Kisses is a natural pain reliever and safe for all ages, providing relief for tots to teens.

I love their name, as this product is for when a mom’s kiss is not enough and you need a little something else to help the pain. This is a safe & natural way to treat bumps, bruises, or sports injuries for you and your kids.

The company’s mission is to bring natural remedies to the eco-chic parent while considering sustainability and being proudly Canadian.

Based on their testimonials and over 1200 Facebook fans, I’d say their mission is going very well!

For our Hottest Tot Products Event, Mom’s Kisses is providing spray samples for all our swag bags and our 10 VIP bags will have a full size Mom’s Kisses product.

Thank you to Mom’s Kisses for being an event sponsor!


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