How Does She Do It?…. with Alyssia Simser

Twice a month we interview Moms in our “How Does She Do It?’ feature. If interested in participating please reach out on Facebook or Instagram.

We are very excited to introduce you to Alyssia Simser from Comox, British Columbia. Alyssia and her mother Kim created Mia’s Moccs.

Are you an Urban or Suburban Mama, where do you live?

I would consider myself to be a suburban mamaI live in a small town on Vancouver Island called Comox. 

Tell us about your children?

I have a beautiful and smart 2.5 year old girl named Mia.  She’s my inspiration and the reason I get up every morning.  She’s also the namesake of our company, Mia’s Moccs.

Tell us about your typical weekday?

A typical weekday for us during the school year is waking up, getting dressed, having breakfast and then 4 out of the 5 days Mia goes to Montessori Pre-School for half the day. While Mia is at school it gives me time to do some work, errands and clean up the house. We come home have lunch and then it’s nap time for Mia and work time for Mama.  By 3:30pm my husband is home from work, he’s a member of the Royal Canadian Air Force.  We go to the park, have family time, then it’s supper, clean up and bedtime for Mia, and then it’s time for my husband and I to relax!  On one of the days, Mia and I go to mom and tot play group!

Do you have help?

My husband is a huge help.  Even though he works from 7:30-3:30 Monday through Friday, when he’s home from work, he’s very hands on and is a great help.  It’s also great to have Mia in pre-school so that I can get some work done while she’s not home as she really likes to hit my keyboard and touch my computer screen while I work! 

My mom, Kim, is also a huge part of running our company Mia’s Moccs as she’s my business partner.  So I’m never running the company by myself and I always have someone to help and bounce ideas off of!  I wish we lived closer, as we’re a ferry ride away!

Who cooks dinner?

Surprisingly my husband is the cook of the family.  He’s in charge of cooking dinner every night.  I like to bake, but cooking isn’t my thing! 

How often do you buy something just for you?

That’s a good question… Every once and a while I find things I want to to buy for myself.  Before I had a family, I’d buy things for myself all the time, but now I really like to save money and spend only when I have to.  So I would say maybe once a month I’d buy something just for me.

Do you exercise regularly and if so, what and how do you fit it in?

I try to!  My family and I go for a lot of walks.  Sometimes while Mia is at pre-school I will do a Fitness Blender workout video in my garage, or attend a class at the local recreation centre.  It isn’t easy finding the time to workout when you’re a stay at home working mom! 

What clothing lines or stores do you like to buy for your children?

I buy from a lot of different stores and local small shops.  As a small shop myself, my daughter wears her Mia’s Moccs all day everyday, and picks out all the colours from our line that she wants to wear.  For big box stores I usually shop at Old Navy and the Gap.  For small shops some of our favourites are Auntie Tals, Tiny Button Apparel, Fog and Fern, Free Reign, Bella Babes and Co.  There are so many more amazing shops that I wish I could name them all!

I’m totally obsessed with…

Adult rompers, crew neck sweatshirts with sayings on the front, and Blundstones. The books “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before” and the movie on Netflix. 

Three things in my purse right now are…

1.  My wallet
2.  Lipstick
3.  A wrapper from a toddler granola bar 

My favourite drugstore buy is…

Vichy skincare and Vaseline cocoa butter lotion!

My guilty pleasure is…

Watching the Bachelor, Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise… I call it my “junk TV” and eating sour keys!

Thank you to Alyssia Simser for taking the time out of her day to let us know “How She Does It.”

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