How Does She Do It?…. with Ivy Carnegie

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Every two weeks we will interview moms in our  “How Does She Do It?” feature.

We are very excited to introduce you to Ivy Carnegie from Orange County, California. Ivy is Co-Founder & President of Aura Avenue and editor of Pretty Nourished.

Are you an Urban or Suburban Mama, where do you live?

This is hard to answer because I live in Orange County, California just outside of Los Angeles which feels very city but also a suburb of Orange County. 

Tell us about your children?

I have a sweet 11-week-old girl named Barley Wren and she is incredible. I love being a Mom, watching her change and grow everyday is one of the most amazing things I’ve ever experienced.

Tell us about your typical weekday?

This varies. I am still adjusting to motherhood. The biggest thing I’ve learned is to plan but be flexible. It will rarely go the way you planned but you have to keep trying and enjoy the ride, even if it doesn’t go the way you planned. Monday through Friday we do our best to workout, prepare meals during naps and clean our home for Dad and Mom’s sanity.

Do you have help?

No. I have called on a home cleaner once since Barley has been born. I highly recommend this. You will never regret giving your babies and your husband your undivided attention. The ceiling fans and bathrooms can wait. I do have a weekly routine of rotating the rooms. I found a really great schedule online that helped me have a guideline. Perfect isn’t possible but its not to pick a room each day and do it well.

Who cooks dinner?

The crockpot, instant and air fryer. Haha. These are HUGE. I do my best to cook the main part of the meal in the crockpot or air fryer. I will then throw rice into the rice cooker or some vegetables. My husband does do a great job but I try really hard to be practical and fast. Fast IS practical.

How often do you buy something just for you?

Not too often but I do try and keep trying. IT IS SO IMPORTANT. The biggest thing I’ve learned is to not give up. If the last time you tried to get your nails done the baby had a meltdown, GO AGAIN. Just go. Just keep going. If the last time you tried to workout the baby woke three times, try again. 

Do you exercise regularly and if so, what and how do you fit it in?

I did my entire pregnancy and felt wonderful. I have had a hard time juggling mom guilt but once I get it in it is wonderful. I do my best to do it during her naps. You do, have to choose to prep dinner, clean up or workout. I try to workout no matter what because it will make everything else go smoother. If she wakes up I take her in the stroller. You CAN do something. Do what you can, always.

What clothing lines or stores do you like to buy for your children?

I try my best to keep it simple. Clothes mean more laundry. If it is not freezing I keep her in a diaper, that way when she spits up or milk goes everywhere I can wipe her off and we are fine. They are only squishy and little for so long.

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I’m totally obsessed with…

My birthing video. It was such a surreal moment. My husband and I watch it over and over and cry everytime. When things get hard I watch it and I go through the moments over and over.

Three things in my purse right now are…

  1. Lip Gloss
  2. Mascara
  3. Headphones

My favourite drugstore buy is…

Lipstick. I love cheap lipsticks! You lose them, you can afford to buy more.

My guilty pleasure is…

Chocolate, which makes baby gassy. Haha. Which makes me want it all the more because I can’t have it. Also, a few sips of coffee. I gave up coffee when I was six months pregnant to prepare for labor and regulate my fluid. I have a sip or two of my husbands cup every once and a while. I know coffee isn’t the best for me which in turn isn’t the best for baby. It feels indulgent when I do have a little. 

Thank you to  Ivy Carnegie for taking the time out of  her day to let us know “How She Does It.”

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