Iced Skinny Latte Recipe

Ouch, it’s hot out there! +33 is skin melting in my home. Strangely though, I still crave a latte. I couldn’t physically get myself to make one of my usual at home Tassimo Skinny Lattes, nor could I drag myself to starbucks and pay $5.00 + for something I knew I could make at home in under 5 minutes. These 7 simple steps to your own at home Iced Skinny latte, leaves a Mama feeling refreshed and rejuvenated on a hot summer day.

Warning! This recipe is SOOO Good, Easy and Addicting!


Ingredients: (using a Tassimo home brewing machine)

Nabob skinny latte discs; 1 milk & 1 espresso

1 tbsp – Creamed honey

1/2 tsp – Ground cinnamon

1/2 tsp – Vanilla extract

6-8 – Ice cubes

Tall glass


  • Step 1: Froth milk


  • Step 2: Run espresso disc 2x’s


  • Step 3: Mix in honey (or your choice of sweetener)


  • Step 4: Stir in vanilla


  • Step 5: Top with cinnamon

Step 5

  • Step 6: Add 6-8 ice cubes and stir

Step 6

  • Step 7: Serve and enjoy this creamy, lightly sweet and totally refreshing iced skinny latte!

Step 7

We only get one full month a year of this hot weather, we might as well soak it up #yyc!



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