The Importance of a Good Bedtime Routine


Disclosure: This is a partnered post with JOHNSON’S®. However, all opinions and views on this post are 100% my own.

For each of my babies, I stood by an established bedtime routine. I read so many baby books, websites and blogs, and concluded that having a routine was key to getting them relaxed and ready to go to sleep.

A good bedtime routine consists of

  1. Bath,
  2. Massage,
  3. Storytime and then
  4. Bedtime

…in our house.

Bath Time

A nice warm bath, sometimes coupled with a little play. In my experience, using the JOHNSON’S® Head-to-Toe Extra Moisturizing® Baby Wash, is great. The smell is amazingly soothing, and the wash is completely hypoallergenic, dye-, paraben- and phthalate-free and dermatologist-tested (very important to me). I grab a few bath toys (usually their bath animals), have their colourful bath mat laid out, and that’s it. They both love their baths, so I think making it fun for them is key to less fuss.


I have also massaged my babies since birth. After about 6 months, I made it routine. I have been using the JOHNSON’S® Head-to-Toe Extra Moisturizing Baby Cream, which makes it easy, especially given they have products that follow a routine as well. Just like the wash, the aroma is calming, and the lotion is gentle and not greasy. It leaves their skin soft, which is great for massage. I gently massage their limbs while singing to them. This massage time is key. It helps relax them and it creates a sense of bonding between us. In fact, studies actually show that babies after a massage do tend to sleep better.

Story Time

Every night, after the kids are ready, we have them choose a story and we read together. Often, we have some warm milk to go with story time. This is their down time, their quiet time, and it’s my way of telling them, “Ok, after this, it’s lights out.” Having this calm moment, I feel, is pivotal after a day of playing, preschool, and/or craziness. There is a certain loving nature of reading to and with your little ones and tucking them in.

Then it’s lights out. It works most nights, like a charm (I won’t say every night, because nothing is always perfect).

When caring for our babies, we are all the same. Part of my bedtime routine depends heavily on using reliable products. I am particular about my babies’ skincare and need to be able to trust what I put on their bodies. Using products that are trusted, tested, and stand the test of time can say a lot. The JOHNSON’S® brand has been around for over 100 years with their products continually being re-formulated to go through safety assurances and high standards.

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