Indoor Odours and Pollution | Dyson Hot + Cool Link Review

We have three pets. And three kids.

These six things, they involve a lot of smells.

Pet dander. Cooking for 5. Pet food. My husband’s muscle car in the garage (that’s attached to the house).

These things, they involve a LOT of smells.

I was recently given the opportunity to try out the Dyson Hot & Cool Link air purifier.

It contains a state-of-the-art glass HEPA filter wich removes smells and pollutants in the indoor air. It ALSO heats and cools with an amazing non-invasive fan pushing air throughout our indoor space.

The remote control can adjust the temperature (hot or cool), turn on oscillation and create a schedule to run the air purifier.

At first, we set it up to work in our main living area and enjoyed both heating and cooling from the device, while also monitoring our air quality from the iPhone app that connects to our device via WIFI. Pretty cool.

But what really convinced me about this appliance was when we moved it into the basement.

One of our two cats has particularly smelly litter box habits. Without going into too much [TMI] details, he’s a bit smelly.

So, we put the Dyson Hot + Cool Link air purifier in the basement near the cats’ litterbox for a few days to see if it helped.

I’m happy to say it eliminated MOST of the smells in the basement within a day or so!

The Dyson connects to your

device so that you

can create a schedule and monitor air quality.



Between the app, the device and the results we’ve experienced, I am overjoyed with the Dyson Hot & Cool Link.

Give it a try with the #PurifierChallenge by purchasing your Dyson Pure Hot+Cold by July 28 and get your first replacement filter free (value $99CAD)!

*I received the Dyson Air Purifier for the purposes of this post.


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