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Guest post from Timmie (Modern Mama St. Albert)

Event Recap

On Wednesday, November 20, Lindsay (Spruce Grove + Stony Plain Director) hosted an Instagram Tips + Tricks workshop at Time Out Beauty Retreat in Spruce Grove.

All attendees received swag which included discount certificates to Time Out Beauty Retreat and Childish!

I haven’t mentioned it in my bio, but aside from being a self-employed Zumba + yoga instructor, I’m also a freelance web designer.

In fact, I’ve been designing websites since I was 11, and while I’ve always only ever worked by referral (and pretty much kept my “services” under wraps), I’m excited to share that I will soon be “hanging up my shingle”.

In any case, part of what I’m going to start doing is sharing my many, many years of web + graphic design, blogging, and social media experience.

Which is why I was so thrilled when Lindsay agreed to let me speak as her “Instagram expert”! We were fortunate to have a total Instagram beginner in attendance, so we were able to go through all of the essential details.

During the “hands-on” workshop, we discussed:

  • The basics of Instagram: what it is, how it started, it’s purpose
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to Instagram
  • How to pick the most appropriate filter
  • How to add special effects; and which apps to use to make collages, add frames, and compress entire images without cropping
  • Uploading videos on Instagram
  • Privacy and your rights as a user
  • Hash tagging: how, why, and what not to do
  • Syncing Instagram with other social media channels such as Twitter and Facebook

There were lots of great questions, and we went over lots of scenarios! My favourite part? We got to touch on using Instagram as a business tool for the entrepreneurial mom!

We also had a nice pot of hot coffee for the session, and a tour of the facility after.

Facility Sponsor

Time Out Beauty Retreat is a full-service salon and spa that offers child care. It is absolutely genius!

The childcare room is one of the best I’ve ever seen, and that’s saying something because my eldest went to a really nice daycare, and Ben currently goes to 3 different child minding rooms in 3 different gyms.

Even though I live all the way up by St. Albert, the drive only takes 20 minutes (thank you, Henday!) as it’s located right on the cusp of Spruce Grove. It is absolutely worth the “trip”, as I discovered today when I went in for a therapeutic massage!

You can’t beat the fact that they offer child minding in an awesome environment, plus their prices are super reasonable! Five stars all around, and I will definitely be back.

I had a great time presenting at the workshop, and we will be offering similar events in the future. Watch this space!

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Thank you to our sponsor Michelle Coates, from Dominion Lending Centres

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