Keep Your Fitness Resolution – Three Easy Steps from the TLC

By: The TransAlta Tri Leisure Centre

Keep Your Fitness Resolution – Three Easy Steps from the TLC

Worried about keeping your fitness resolution this year? Well, worry no longer. Your TransAlta Tri Leisure is here to keep you toned, trim and on track. In fact, TLC staff specialize in supporting our members’ fitness goals all year round.

A huge part of our jobs is giving people the tools they need to succeed: knowledge about how fitness improves their bodies, the motivation to keep coming back, and of course a big, bright, clean facility to do it all in!

So as the New Year approaches, we are happy to share a few of our favourite tips for keeping on track with a fitness routine. If you’ve resolved to get your body into fine fighting form to face 2015, then read on.

1) Make a Plan
Write down your plan of action that clearly outlines your goals and how you’re going to get there. This will help keep you accountable, and will also give you something to look back on once you’ve started achieving fitness milestones. There’s nothing more motivating than reflecting on how far you’ve come!

How the TLC can help
Our personal trainers can create a specific plan for you that includes a personal fitness assessment, a body composition analysis (this will help you track muscle and body fat), as well as a nutritional plan to fuel your body.

2) Stay Consistent
Consistency is the key to success. Our bodies love patterns. That means the more you do something, the easier it gets. Small, incremental steps can lead to huge results, but only when you keep taking those steps consistently.

One of our favourite quotes is: you don’t have to go fast, you just have to go. Keep that in mind when you’re lacing up your sneakers to get out the door on a cold, snowy morning!

How the TLC can help
We have such a huge variety of classes at all different times of day and for different lengths of time. Whether you want to take a few slow laps around the pool or track, drop in for a feisty Zumba class with your girlfriends or take a high-intensity spinning class for the elite athlete in you – we have it all! Check out our program guide to see which classes fit into your lifestyle!

3) Ask For Help
It can be hard to form a new habit and to keep coming back. When you’re starting a new fitness program you might want to employ the help of a friend or gym buddy, or call in the professionals!

How the TLC can help
Our staff are here to help. It’s our job, so don’t be shy! Whether you sign up for formal training through a class or through personal training, or if you just need to know how to use a new piece of gym equipment, we’re here to get you on the right track and to help you stay on it!

Happy New Year everyone!

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