Kids Craft Supplies – Organize Them!

We are lucky enough to have a few great ideas for keeping your craft supplies organized today thanks to some amazing Canadian blogging mamas.

At our house we have a large white cabinet in the playroom specifically for craft supplies and clean it out about once every six months. What to do with all the supplies you bought and didn’t use? Donate it all, of course. Don’t throw good stuff in the trash or recycle bin, you can donate household items such as toys, games, unused scrapbooks and such to local and national non-profits at Value Village.

Great tips for organizing your kids crafting supplies:

1 | Heather from Raising Memories provides her solution, check it out here.



2 | Ottawa Mommy Club provides some great tips for playroom organization as a whole here.



3 | Jody at Mommy Moment made this adorable craft supply caddy for her daughter here.



4 | A cute cubby craft corner at Woman In Real Life by Joann here.

crafting cubby

5 | And come find us on Pinterest where we’ve created a whole board dedicated to organizing your kids crafty stuff and kid-friendly craft ideas.

When you’re ready to purge and organize your kid stuff, donate toys, games, stuffed animals and books to local and national non-profits at Value Village.

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      Oh you’re welcome. You have some great tips that I am going to have to put into place in my home!

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