How Does She Do It: Laura Michelle Thomas


We are so excited about our latest feature How Does She Do It! Every few months we’ll interview and feature a ‘Celebrity Mom’! In between we’ll feature ALL moms (You! Please apply here!)

Now that you’ve seen how celebrity moms Robyn Hardy and Lorraine Pond from Bobs and Lolo do it, we are thrilled to introduce you a soon to be famous author!

How Does She Do It

Laura Michelle Thomas is author of The Naked Storyteller.

The Naked Storyteller ~`

Harry Tyke is a flabby, divorced grade-six teacher on the verge of a monumental mid-life crisis when he unexpectedly ends up in a storytelling workshop taught by a creative, free-thinking teacher-turned-storyteller named Olga. The workshop awakens Harry’s long dead romantic side and hurls him into stories from his past, including his decision to give up on his dream of being a novelist to please his parents, a decision this classroom-weary teacher can no longer live with as he sags into his fifties.

Questioning contemporary ideas of what makes a happy and productive life, this romantic comedy––set in Vancouver, Canada––will have you cheering for this unlikely leading man from start to finish.

If you’re in Vancouver, BC on September 21st, Chapters Metrotown is hosting a launch party for Laura’s new book!


Are you an Urban or Suburban Mama, where do you live?

Regretfully suburban!

Tell us about your children (how many, how old?)

Ella-Rose is 10 going on 11 in December. I have a step-son who is six weeks younger.

Tell us about your typical weekday.

I’m up first between 6 and 6:30. I hit the computer and do as much admin work as I can before everyone else is up. That means answering emails, responding to comments on my website, doing a social media touch, and publishing one new article on jaBlog! When everyone else gets up I on duty to make sure they get where they need to be.

Once I have the house (and my office) to myself, I continue doing admin and then switch to whatever writing project I have on the go. Somewhere in the there, I take a break and ride my road bike indoors on a trainer. My work day usually wraps at 3 pm so that I can monitor homework, cook dinner, and get everyone to their evening activities. I can say that everyday we eat dinner as a family at the table with cloth napkins. It means a lot to me and if I ever let go of that ritual, I will feel like a failure. Sounds dumb, but it’s true.

Who cooks dinner?

My husband, Alan, is great with breakfasts. He’s the omelette king and often takes that chore off my plate.

Do you have help?

Sadly no. It’s just me.

 How often do you buy something for just you?

Rarely, unless it’s for work. I had a book tour last weekend in the Okanagan – four Chapters stores, one radio and one TV engagement. I needed six outfits, so I went shopping. I kind of binge-shop by necessity–alone! Whenever we shop as a family, I focus on buying for Alan and the kids. I can’t shop for myself with them along.

Do you exercise regularly and if so, what and how do you fit it in?

I belong to a cycling club and Alan and I are ride leaders on Wednesday nights. I also ride my bike at home on the trainer. Ella-Rose and I go swim a mile once a week too. She’s into competitive swimming.


What clothing lines/stores do you like to buy for your child(ren)?

It’s all about Justice these days. It’s her favourite store.

Complete the following:

I’m totally obsessed with… 

My weight!

Three things in my purse right now … 

I have three purses on the go and one wallet that floats between them along with some lipstick

My favorite drugstore buy is… 

Women’s World magazine.

My guilty pleasure is… Watching the Real Housewives.

Thank you!

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