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Beauty Facial

Skincare is a journey, and, for me, it has been a long and complicated one. If you’re like me and suffer from acne breakouts then I’m sure you know too well the struggle to find a perfect skincare regime. For the past 15 years, it feels like I have tried everything to combat my breakouts and nothing has come close to working, Often, I would find something and absolutely love it at first, only to have it completely stop working months later. Which can be particularly frustrating and expensive! This was because I was only guessing at what my skin type was, and, that I had no idea what was going on under my skin – I needed the help, and I needed a beauty facial.

Thankfully, I came across Temple Of Beauty Facial Boutique and I was very intrigued by the services they were offering.


Susan Gretzinger, is the founder and expert Aesthetician at Temple Of Beauty Facial Boutique. It was founded in 2001 when Susan herself suffered from acne, pigmentation, and deep scarring. Her mission was to clear her own skin but to also help educate others by giving in-depth assessments and individualized skin care strategies. Susan started offering services out of her home and recently decided to take the plunge and make her mark on a storefront here in St.Albert. She is also in the midst of sharing her 17 years of wisdom and writing her first book all about starting your own at home spa!


My Experience


The Observ Diagnostic Assessment

This was what I was looking forward to the most!

In my early twenties, I had spent a lot of my time in tanning beds and was interested in finding out what kind of damage I had done. While it wasn’t showing now I could only imagine what was to come from it as I aged.

The Observ Diagnostic Device is a helpful tool in seeing what the current reality of your skin is. Many skin conditions that surface in time originate from the deeper skin layers and are difficult to diagnose with the naked eye. The Observ exposes those conditions by skin fluorescence and polarized light illumination technologies. The device takes 6 different pictures of your skin including : Daylight,  UV, woods, parallel- polarization, complexion analysis, cross polarization.

Beauty Facial


Using the information collected from the Observ she was able to tell me a lot of things I didn’t know about my skin. Like, I have a lot of oil glands around my eyes, this, was likely why I was unable to continue to wear lash extensions,  That I actually have very little redness in my skin, so I tan very easily! She was able to show me all the damage I had accumulated from birth to now. Plus, what my skin would look like if no action was taken. It was shocking to say the least. She was also able to show me how incredibly important sunscreen can be by applying some to half my face and using the woods mode to capture a picture.



Susan uses an absolutely incredible line of products and I love that the products she uses for the facial are available for purchase. This is very helpful in letting you be able to ( somewhat) recreate the experience at home. She started out with a nonabrasive exfoliant which felt amazing! She then cleansed my skin and wrapped it in a warm towel, an experience I highly recommend you try. Once my skin was clean and my pores were opened she applied a mask and gave me an incredibly relaxing arm and hand massage. After the facial was done she gave me a list of products that would work well for my skin along with some prices. I found them to actually be even cheaper than the skincare I was already using.

 Beauty Facial

Final Thoughts


For the price of going out to a nice dinner for two, the value of beautiful skin was well worth it!

To be able to see what is going on under your skin and have an expert explain everything and give great recommendations is an amazing thing. It was an eye-opening experience and my skin felt incredible even days after the treatment.  With mother’s day soon approaching I feel like this would be the perfect gift for your mom or yourself! If you’re interested in finding out more information or booking an appointment for yourself you can find her website here.


* I was given complimentary services in exchange for this review, as always all my opinions are my own*


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