Local Review: 5 Guys Burgers & Fries

photo (95)I love burgers.

I know, as a woman in her thirties, I’m not supposed to love them. I’m supposed to oppose them, keep my children away from them and banish them from my healthful diet. (I love salad too, don’t get me wrong. I even drink green smoothies. Sometimes.)

I still love burgers.

When you’re looking for a quick lunch (but better than a drive-thru) that offers burgers, this is the place.

The burgers are great and they serve BIG portions. When you order fries, they fill your cup and then shovel more into the bag on top of that. A “Little” is really a lot.


  • The buns are amazing, soft & fresh tasting.
  • Enough fries to share, even with a ‘Little’ order.
  • They serve hot dogs and grilled cheese too (perfect for kids).
  • High chairs.
  • Free peanuts.


  • The cheese is processed. My kids won’t eat it and I stick with the hamburger.

Try it out next time, if you enjoy a good burger, you’ll love it.


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