Local Review: Beautiful You Laser & Advanced Aesthetics

Last week I decided to try a chemical peel at Beautiful You Laser & Advanced Aesthetics in Spruce Grove.  Beautiful You offers a variety of variety of services, including: chemical peels, laser hair removal, and facial treatments.  The owner, Jennifer Peddle, has a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and completed Eveline Charles Academy’s Professional Advanced Esthetics certification course.

Beautiful You
Chemical peels are quite beneficial to your skin.  Results of a chemical peel include:

  • Healing acne
  • Improving fine lines and wrinkles
  • Increased moisture retention
  • Improves skin texture
  • Stimulate collagen and elastin
  • Give skin a healthy glow
  • Reduce surface pigmentation
  • Help normalize skin function; improve acne, dry skin, and dull complexion

The Process

When I met with Jennifer, I was immediately put to ease.  She was very friendly and easy to talk to.  The location was clean and had a relaxing atmosphere.  Jennifer walked me through the whole process and what I should expect.  At each step, she explained what she was putting onto my face and why.  She even explained how I should expect my face to feel.

Step 1: Double cleansing.  Jennifer cleaned my face with a cleanser to remove any dirt or makeup.

Step 2: Remove oil.  At this stage, she used a product to remove the oil from my face.  This is to ensure that the chemical peel can properly access my skin and do what it needs to do.

Step 3: Chemical peel.  Two layers of the peel were “painted” on to my face and she let it penetrate for about 5 minutes.  The peel felt warm and made my skin feel irritated.  It didn’t hurt but it felt itchy and I had to resist scratching my face.  Jennifer advised me that this feeling is normal and that the peel was working.

Step 4: Neutralize the peel.  At this point, the peel was cleaned off my face.

Step 5: Replace the moisture.  Just as this step sounds, moisturizer was placed on my skin to ensure to replace the moisture lost during the peel.

Step 6: Apply sunscreen.  Due to the peel removing the protective layer of skin, you are at risk of burning or hyperpigmenting, so sunscreen was added to protect my skin.  **It is important to use sunscreen daily to protect the new skin**

The Results

before and after
The above picture shows the before and the immediate after effect of the chemical peel.  My skin already felt softer and looked healthier after the peel.  My skin did feel tight, which is normal, but that feeling faded after a couple of days.  I did experience some light peeling on my chin and around my nose, but it was so minimal that no one noticed but me.  I do have pretty good skin to begin with so I didn’t notice much change, mostly how my skin felt.  After almost a week, my skin feels smoother and looks brighter.  However, I did notice that some of the fine lines around my eyes had improved as well (below).


When hearing the word “chemical”, the image that appears in my head is a solution that burns the skin off your face, but aesthetics have come a long way from that and it is a quite gentle process.  I am happy with my experience and the results.  If you’re worried about your skin, I would definitely recommend giving Jennifer at Beautiful You Laser & Advanced Aesthetics a call!  They even have a great special on this summer; buy 2 chemical peels, get the 3rd one free!

**A series of 3 peels approximately 4 weeks apart will yield the best results for your skin.  All skin responds differently to this treatment and a consultation with Beautiful You is recommended before treatment.**




*This post is sponsored by Beautiful You Laser & Advanced Aesthetics, but all opinions are my own.

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