Local Review & Tips for Less Stressful Family Portraits: Deb Brown Photography


Getting family portraits done can be stressful. You’re getting the entire family dressed, pretty, fed, well rested, and out of the house, happily I might add, and on-time to meet your photographer.

It feels nearly impossible when you’re in it. Here are some tips to make your next session less stressful.


We recently had a session with Deb Brown Photography at the Historic Stewart Farm on a sunny Fall morning. I was stressed as we tried to get out of the house, I felt like I hadn’t given myself enough time to get ready. I felt like it wasn’t the perfect time (too rushed), I was tired, the girls were grumpy (because I rushed them), and I wasn’t completely in love with our outfit choices. But. Off we went, and even on-time.


I adore Deb Brown, this is the second time we have had the pleasure of working with her on our family session. She is cheerful and laid back, which instantly put me at ease. This resulted in a very easy, quick, happy family session with no meltdowns whatsoever.


Here are my five tips for a successful and less stressful family portrait session.

1. Select Your Outfits A Week Before

I made the mistake of chosing our outfits the night before when I was already feeling frazzled from a long day. I rushed through everyone’s closets too quickly and left my own (and hubby’s) until the morning. This is a mistake. Take the time to decide what your family will wear several days in advance. This also gives you enough time to run to the mall for a matching top or missing piece. I don’t recommend buying matchy matchy outfits or white shirts with denim (too 80’s), just coordinate your looks appropriately. Don’t forget about footwear!

2. Give Yourself Enough Time to Get Ready

I misjudged the amount of time it would take me to get ready (I am used to rushing through my morning routine, but I didn’t want to do that for pictures.) Schedule out your morning beforehand to make sure everyone has eaten well before it’s time to dress and prep hair-dos. Do yourself last so you can relax through the process.

3. Go With The Flow

Set your expectations low. Your child may cry or not listen when the photographer says ‘smile’ but she’ll come around if you relax. Your photographer will have experience with children and be able to work around these situations.

4. Bring The Goods

If you’re outdoors don’t forget to bring or wear sunscreen or bug-spray. Bring water and snacks and take breaks .

5. Have Fun

Let the photographer take the lead and direct you in her vision. Trust that she’ll capture your family in the best way possible – after all – you chose her for her photography style and skills.


I thoroughly enjoy having our photos taken by Deb, and I highly recommend her. She has very limited availability but you can find out more about her on her Facebook page. She is offering a Boudouir session this month and has one space left.


Happy Photo Sessions!


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