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mama in the city

It’s day 4 of talking amazing bloggers ahead of our Mama Blogs! Event on September 12th.

Today, we’re featuring Andrea Firmani, the writer of Mama in the City and mum to two kids, toddler Ben and 7-month old Josie. She’s been blogging since 2009.

While I am a fan and reader of all the blogs we’ve featured this week, I have to say that Mama in the City is one of my favourites. It was the first blog I started reading as a new mom and I was instantly hooked. Andrea is a wonderful writer with an incredibly warm style – you instantly feel like her friend as she shares her mama world with you on her blog.

In addition to being a mama, she’s a labour and deliver nurse at St. Paul’s Hospital. She writes about a wide range of topics on her blog including breastfeeding, introducing solids, apartment living with kids, activities with the kids, and date nights out. She lives and blogs about the life of a mama raising two kids in an apartment while still living the downtown life (time permitting of course!).

Andrea has most recently been blogging about introducing solids to her daughter Josie, using the Baby Led Weaning method. I also did this method with my son, and it’s been great to see how another mom has dealt with the approach.

What I’d like to ask Mama in the City’s Andrea Firmani:
– Why did you decide to start blogging and what inspires you to continue?
– You share a lot of wonderful photos featuring yourself and your kids. Do you think this is important for a personal blog? What are your comments to on people who are a bit unsure about posting pictures of their family on their blog?

This concludes our features on our wonderful mom blogger panelists. As you can see, this will be an amazing evening! Tomorrow we conclude this series by featuring our presenting partner –

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