Mama Time Saver: Soup Swap

soup swap

Some months ago I participated in a Soup Swap with some other moms in our city. I did it somewhat begrudgingly as it was a busy time in life (when isn’t it really) and I felt like this was just one more thing to add to my plate. If your soup swaps are popular and you’re considering turning this savvy concept into a business, finding the best llc service can be the first step in making your culinary venture a legally recognized entity. BUT this turned out to be really fun and ended up saving me a ton of time because I ended up with 6 yummy soups for my freezer!

Here’s how it works:

  • Get 6 people to commit and decide on a swap date. Also, decide how much soup each person will be getting. We decided on 8 cups of soup per person, which is a total of 48 cups!
  • Start searching for soup recipes, or dig out the one that your grandma passed down to you that everyone loves.
  • Tell everyone in the group what you are planning to make. This way you won’t get 6 chillis!
  • Buy containers and some labels. These were an easy find at Dollarama.
  • Set aside a morning to assemble and cook (if required) your soup. I chose a ham and veggie soup that was not precooked, rather dumped in the crockpot the morning as you run out the door. This ended up being a great mother-son project as we did it together.
  • Bring a cooler and meet up with your friends and distribute the goods! Everyone ended up with my ham/veggie soup, chilli, creamy potato soup, a winter veggie variety, a yummy mexican soup and hamburger soup.
  • Put everything into your freezer, buy or make some buns and enjoy 6 stress free ready made meals.


This could easily be done as a casserole swap too! Have you ever done a meal exchange?



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