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The “theater” is a magical place! I was only 10 years old when my mom took me to my first show. It’s a memory I will treasure forever. I recently took my 3 year old to his first show, Tooby & Binoo and the Marshmallow Moon. It was a magical moment for both of us!

This November our whole family will be taking in Max & Ruby in the Nutcracker Suite. Inspired by one of the greatest musical scores ever, Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker Suite, Max and Ruby bring this holiday classic to “little” audiences across Canada!  

Imagine this

It’s a glistening snowy winter evening and Max and Ruby have been anxiously waiting for the most spectacular event of the year: seeing The Nutcracker ballet with Grandma. Imagine their disappointment when a snow storm keeps them at home! A story of the Nutcracker will have to do! So vivid is Grandma’s storytelling that the characters in the ballet come to life right before their very eyes!

Create a magical moment with your family! Ticket prices range from $22.50-$28.50 and tickets are available for all Western Canadian tour dates.

Western Canadian Tour Dates:
November 9 – Surrey, BC
November 10 – Vancouver, BC
November 12 – Kamloops, BC
November 14 – Kelowna, BC
November 17 – Red Deer, AB
November 18 – Edmonton, AB
November 20 – Fort Macleod, AB
November 21 – Calgary, AB  

CONTEST: Enter to win a Max & Ruby prize pack with DVD and book! Tell us what your little one LOVES about Max & Ruby below. Get extra entries by liking us on Facebook or following us on twitter (add a comment to let us know about each like or follow). Open to Canadian residents only. Contest closes October 27th at 6pm (MST).

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The show is produced by Koba Entertainment in partnership with Paquin Entertainment. Tickets were provided in exchange for this post.


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    I believe that our son would love this show because every time the show comes on TV he just stops and stares at them! For Halloween I picked up a few books including Max and Rubys Halloween and the DVD… I believe he associates them with our dogs because he calls Max and Ruby Ra-Ra…. Who one of our dogs name is Rajah…. It’s super cute! Well I hope we are in the running for a prize pack! Thanks so much!
    Ashley collier

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    Both my girls love Max & Ruby. In fact recently they went through a phase of almost exclusively watching it. I think they love how Ruby is basically a mom to Max. They love to play pretend mommy/baby games all the time, so it’s perfect for them.

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    My 3-year old has been watching Max and Ruby for about a year. It is his favorite show and for almost a year would watch nothing else. We have Max and Ruby episodes on our iPad and iPod to help with long travel trips, Max and Ruby books, and Max and Ruby DVDs. He often runs around the house shouting “Super Bunny!” I don’t know why he likes it so much, but we like the gentle nature of the characters and the stories.

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    All 3 of my boys love Max and Ruby! My oldest is 17 and he laughs when he watches it with his little brothers, ages 5 and 1. We all love Max – his mischievous face says it all!

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    My kids love Max and Ruby. We have the dvds and they are great when we go on road trips. I’m following all the FB and Twitter handles. Looking forward to the Strawberry Shortcake and Doodlebops show in January too.

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    My son loves Max! He likes how sneaky Max is, which isn’t so good for me when he tries to be like Max. Thankfully I’m a bit smarter then Ruby and stop him before we have a huge mess.

    I follow modern momma on Facebook and twitter!

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    My son loves max! He is constantly mimicking his one word requests.. “Outside!” Haha 🙂 also I like you on Facebook and Pinterest – does that count? 😉

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    My son loves singing along to the theme song and loves the episode when Max is Super Bunny. Actually there’s usually always something that he likes in each episode (cuckoo clock, robot, rocket ship, etc.)

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    My 3 & 5 year old both love Max & Ruby. Honestly, I think both of my kids identify with them – my daughter is kind (but can be a tad bossy) and my son is a bit mischievous and loves anything with wheels or a motor, just like Max.

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    My 3 year old loves Max, and his favourite episode is “Max’s Halloween” where Max dresses up as a vampire!

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    My kids like to re-enact some of the episodes they’ve seen. I love watching my older daughter trying to take care of her younger brother, just like Ruby 😉

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    my son ethan says he loves that ruby is always doing fun things and max never does,he is always trying to stop ruby from having fun.

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