Modern Bump Brunch: Busy Bump Maternity Services

As we gear up for the Modern Bump Brunch in Vancouver on November 27th (early bird pricing on now), we’re getting to know our many excellent speakers that will be at the event, offering their experienced advice to pregnant mamas-to-be.

Our first featured speaker is Stephanie Lauzon from Busy Bump Maternity Services.

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About Busy Bump:
Busy Bump Maternity Services is a baby planning service for expectant mothers,  offering a variety of packages and a la carte services to help with the transition to motherhood such as registry shopping, preparing baby food, budgeting for a baby and planning a shower. Becoming a new parent can be overwhelming. It’s hard to sort through all the advice from family, friends, books and online. Busy Bump will help you decide what information you don’t need and teach you the essentials so you can focus on what is most important, you and the baby.

Owner Stephanie Lauzon in your Baby Planner & Maternity Concierge and a mother of two kids, 6 years and 9 months. Stephanie launched Busy Bump Maternity Services in June of this year.

Stephanie says: “The idea for Busy Bump Maternity Services was conceived during my pregnancy and grew into a small business in the beginning of my maternity leave. I wanted to provide other moms with services I would have loved to have during my pregnancy and post-partum as well. Before I had my daughter I was a busy working professional who worked 40+ hours a week, while trying to balance work, friends and family. Between running my step-son to soccer or kindergarten, meetings with clients, making dinner and trying to go to the gym or a date night with my husband, it was hard to find time to read all the baby books and look online for all the information I knew I would need as a new mother. I truly have found my passion helping expectant couples prepare for their baby’s arrival and I love being able to help take away their stress and anxiety that comes along with becoming new parents.”

Stephanie’s primary goal is to provide other woman and/or couples someone that can help with everything she would have loved help with. Busy Bump’s services can include helping plan a baby shower, creating a registry, teaching some new mom tips or just being there to offer advice or support.

We’re looking forward to Stephanie sharing her advice with expectant mamas at our upcoming Modern Bump Brunch. If you have a question you’d like to ask Stephanie, let us know and we’ll make sure she addresses it at the brunch event on November 27th!

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